“I founded inspiring Aspiration with only one goal: to change people’s lives for the better.”

Christopher John did what was expected of him. He worked hard at school, went to a good university, graduated at the turn of the 21st century and got a job in the city. Over the course of a decade he had his car stolen twice, got mugged, fell victim to identity theft and had his house burnt down. Eventually he moved to the country for a better life.

While out hiking at the weekend, an innocuous looking cut led to septicaemia and immediate hospitalisation. The complications that followed led to months in hospital and CJ completely reevaluating his life. What could he have done differently? What should he do differently when he got out of hospital? One thing became clear, his future was not going to consist of 15 hour days behind a desk anymore.

Upon discharge from a long stay in hospital, CJ quit his full time job, started writing and founded ‘inspiring Aspiration’, with the aim of inspiring individuals and companies alike.

“If life hadn’t forcefully stopped me in my tracks, I would never have asked myself some of the hard questions I needed to answer. I wish someone had asked me what I wanted from life much sooner. One thing is true, no matter whom I have worked with: only when people are asked the right questions, are they able to come up with their “right answers” – the answers  they need to achieve any and all of their aspirations.”

Since forming ‘inspiring Aspiration’, CJ has helped many people turn their lives around. He has helped people recovering from their own experiences of ill health, aspiring entrepreneurs start up their own businesses, and individuals restore balance in their work and personal lives.