Storm in a Teacup?

Is your cup half full, or half empty?

Sometimes we may feel our cup is completely empty, or other times overflowing to the extent we can’t cope.

Just like a refreshing cup of tea, Storm in a Teacup offers a chance to pause, reflect and feel ready to face the world, energised and positive for the future. Develop a positive outlook on life, whatever your current mindset – however full or not your cup is!

In this book, Christopher John explores our outlooks on life, questioning the benefits of viewing your cup’s “fullness” and “emptiness” at different times. Filled with humour, insight, wit and wisdom in equal measure, Storm in a Teacup won’t try to persuade the pessimist, or reason with the realist, but it will highlight the significance of those mindsets in your life.

Without judgement, in each chapter Christopher John expertly invites the reader to be aware of their situation, and offers thinking exercises and practical activities to plan for your future, attain your aspirations, or just have confidence in yourself at any stage of life.